Star Students

All 1,278 VCSC kindergarten students are the “star” of their very own story, in My Kindergarten Fun Book, which helps Read More

A Busy December!

Many mini grant projects were “in action” during December, including several performing arts programs.  The “Kindergarten Nutcracker” at DeVaney Elementary, “Arf! on the Housetop” at Dixie Bee Elementary, and the “Twinkle and Shine Drama Club” at Hoosier Prairie. Bravo!

🎶Look up, I’m your pup…🎶” Mr. Moss’s class sang and danced to “Arf! On the Housetop” Adoptable pets from our own Terre Haute Humane Society were featured, and donations for the shelter were accepted, too


The brave Nutcracker banishes the Mouse King from the kingdom in the “Kindergarten Nutcracker,” a wonderful DeVaney memory-making tradition!

The Hoosier Prairie Twinkle and Shine Drama Club delighted all in attendance with their performance. We look forward to more from this after school enrichment theater troupe!

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