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Letter from the President

Dear Friends of Education,

The Vigo County School Corporation celebrates another year of teaching and learning excellence because of the community’s strong commitment to education. Promoting positive and proactive environments for the students we serve in our community is a cornerstone of the Vigo County Education Foundation’s (VCEF) vision. Your generous support ensures we are faithful to this important commitment.

The VCEF believes in the potential of every student. Further, we believe that education professionals must be supported and celebrated. Community involvement in teaching and learning is essential, and the VCEF is proud of its growing engagement efforts with individual donors from across the county, businesses, community organizations, and local government.

As school budgets continue to be strained by reductions and reversions at the state and federal levels, the Vigo County School Corporation must seek creative means to ensure the students they serve have adequate resources, leading curriculum and instructional approaches, and effective and committed teachers. The VCEF serves as an essential partner in addressing these challenge areas and your support is the cornerstone of our success.

The VCEF is proud to announce that it granted $220,000 for the 2011-12 school year. Over $86,000 of that total was awarded for 104 mini and school wide grants, impacting the educational programs of nearly 8,500 students. Site visits to classrooms and schools receiving grants by VCEF employees and board members provide strong evidence that these investments are yielding positive teaching and learning results.

As you peruse the Annual Report, I hope you will share in our deep pride drawn from the efforts of the VCEF. Please join us in supporting educational excellence. You’ll find additional information about giving opportunities at www.vigocountyeducationfoundation.org.

Brad Balch, President

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