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What is Excellence in Education

What is Excellence in Education?

The Excellence in Education Award was created by the Vigo County Education Foundation to honor outstanding educators who are committed to providing the best possible teaching to the youth of Vigo County.  The VCEF honors one educator from each of the 28 VCSC schools, with the exception being Terre Haute North and South High Schools, where two educators are honored.  In addition, an educator from the Covered Bridge Special Education Center, a retired teacher, and an administrator are also recognized.

Traditionally, nominees can be teachers, counselors, principals, or other certified educators in the VCSC.  Nominations for the Excellence in Education Award can be made by students, parents, teachers, principals, or any other employees or patrons of the Vigo County School Corporation.  If you would like to nominate an outstanding educator for this special award, please download the nomination form, available in two different formats, below.

2013 Excellence in Education Awards and Banquet

The date for the 2013 Excellence in Education Banquet has been set!  This year, the event will take place on May 8, 2013 at O’Shaughnessy Hall at Saint Mary of the Woods College.  Nominations will be accepted in the spring. Questions about the banquet should be directed to Jenny Thomas at the Vigo County Education Foundation or by email at vcef@vigoschools.org.

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